About Me & This Website…

About Me & This Website…

Dave Vass was born and raised on a Ranch in Alberta, Canada. He has one brother, Doug, and two sisters, Barb and Chelsea. Today Dave resides in Calgary with his beautiful wife and three small children.

Dave attended Junior High & High School at Olds Koinonia, a private school located just outside of Olds. During his school years Dave fell in love with sports and continues to this day playing basketball and hockey.

He met Jennifer (his wife) at University of Calgary which motivated him to drop out (or finish early) to start a family. Having to support a family created a sense of urgency and Dave quickly learned to follow in his Dad’s footsteps by becoming a Land Agent and later an entrepreneur.

Today Dave spends most of his time raising his kids and growing his companies, EMethod Inc., and ClickHook.io

One word describes Dave best…


As you get to know Dave through this website you’ll quickly realize he is very passionate about God, family, business, the world economy, and health. His passion is contagious and if you don’t watch out he may impact your life.

Here’s a small warning: Dave won’t shy away from speaking his heart… even if it is controversial or not “politically correct”.

But, one thing is for sure, you’ll probably enjoy what he has to share through his writing and videos.

About This Website

I had  a website under DaveVass.net for many years where I posted a lot of random thoughts about God, life, business, etc.  Recently, the website got hacked or something and I lost it.  So, late one night I decided to get my website back up.  I didn’t use my web designer and literally got it done in less than one hour.  I’m going to post all my other content from my old site on this site.  The dates of the post will not actually represent when I wrote them.  I’m finding all my old content on way back machine where a lot of Internet data is kept and stored.  The reason I’m doing this is that I don’t want my thoughts about God, Jesus, and religion disappearing.  I hope to add to all these posts in the coming years as I journey through this life of faith.  Enjoy!

My Book On Amazon

One day a few years ago when I was almost bankrupt and didn’t know what I was going to do in order to provide for my family I had a bunch of time on my hands so I decided to use it to write about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’m glad I took the time to write this book since many people have read it and it has really helped them overcome their guilt and fear.  If you are interested in reading it just click on the book below:


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