Do I Believe in Heaven or Hell?

Do I Believe in Heaven or Hell?

Yes and no.

Yes, I believe in Heaven but not the way you might imagine or been taught.  Same thing with hell, I believe in hell but not the same hell you have always heard about.

So what heaven do I believe in?

The one that has always existed… the Kingdom of God.  It is present, today.  It is NOW.  It is not something you go to when you die.  It is something real, happening right now.  You can’t see it with your normal eyes but those who have been given the eyes of faith can see it.

This world is passing away.  God has made something new through His Son, Jesus Christ.  This new creation is heaven.  I am now apart of it, though I physically live in this world, the reality is that I’m part of His kingdom.  I’ve been born again… not born of flesh and blood but born of Him.  And I’m now part of the Eternal.

Yes, the Eternal somehow co-exists with the temporal.  Don’t ask me how.

What of hell?

If heaven is Life.

Hell is death.

Since I have Life through Christ, I am experiencing heaven right now on earth.  Those without the Life of Christ are experiencing hell on earth.

It’s never been about heaven or hell.  That is what religion tries to convince you of to scare you into making some sort of decision that they think will “save” you.

It’s always been about Life or death.

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