Does A Dead Man Know He Needs Life?

Does A Dead Man Know He Needs Life?

You will hear me talk a lot about Life.  Jesus came to bring Life… abundant Life…. real, everlasting Life.

So why doesn’t everyone want this Life?

How can someone who is dead want Life? Does a dead person think, “Hmmm… I’m dead, I think I need Life”?

Yes, I know it sounds weird.  But, death is real (at least in this world).  Just like you are going to die in this world, you might be dead already spiritually.

So, how can you, if you are dead, understand or even want this Life I talk about?

It’s truly a mystery.

If you are dead right now and you are reading this then I don’t expect you to understand anything I talk about regarding Life.  It will make absolutely no sense to you.

But, herein lies the mystery…

Somehow the Life-giver breathes Life into that which is dead.  I was once dead and now I’m alive in Christ.  How did it happen?  It happened miraculously (life always happens miraculously).

So how will you experience this Life I talk of if you are dead?

I’m not entirely sure.

But, something tells me that the Life within me is like seed that can be sown into your heart.  So as you read my words, as you let the seed of “Life” fall into your heart… a miracle may take place.

If you find yourself believing in Jesus.  If you find yourself longing and thirsting for Him… you might just be alive (welcome to Life!).

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