My Poem…

My Poem…

Under the law I lived
Deceived by the lie
By my works I must live
Do wrong, I’d rather die

I must do, do, do
Striving to win
Such a heavy burden
Focused on my sin

Seeking His approval
What more can I do?
Confess my sin daily
Guilt screaming me to…

Longing for perfection
Make me holy like You
Yet all I can think of is
What should or shouldn’t I do

My burden is easy
My load is light
Is this a joke…
Am I not seeing the light?

Christianity is hard
Living by Christ’s law
Take up my cross daily
No peace in it I saw

Is He a liar
Or is it really true
Where is the freedom
And peace promised to?

Crying every night
Lord open my eyes
Let me see what you see
Enough with all the lies!

Set me free from myself
I can’t live any longer
By law my sin
Grows ever more stronger

You promised the truth
Will set me free
I hold you to it
Faith says it will be

Then a glimmer of light
All that I learned lost
In the revelation of You
My Life. My righteousness.

Simple, before me You stood
All along, my answer
Living in a lie not realizing
I’m your son forever

Perfect, blameless, spotless
Now that I’m in You
Everything else I thought
Turned out a frickin’ scam

It’s NOT true, we are not
Under rules, having to do
We are made totally new
Good works I’m created anew to do

Why can’t you see it?
You read of it every Sunday
The miracle of oneness
It’s the only way!

You are no longer a sinner
Despite how you feel
Stop living by perception
Christ is your life, it’s real!

Wake up! See who you are
All that God has made you
Through His Son Jesus Christ
Perfect & sinless it’s true!

I know, we are bombarded
Every day to do works
We aren’t righteous or perfect
That’s just theology the devil smirks

Is it really? What is true?
Am I one with Him or not?
Feelings leave, perception go
Faith knows reality, the lie is caught

Do you see the lie now?
To keep living as though
Nothing happened, being tossed
Around to and fro

Something miraculous happened!
I’m a new creation
No longer under the law
I’m free. I’m righteous. I’m perfect.

I’m one with Him.

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