My Prayer Written on February 23, 2010…

My Prayer Written on February 23, 2010…

Heavenly Father, my Father that loves me and has chosen me as His son through Jesus Christ, I begin this day knowing that I am the heir of the universe.  I am your child.  And I trust that you will guide my steps.  You will bring the right people into my life.  You will expand my business.  You will fill my heart with love.  You will live through me.

I begin today with joy beyond measure because you have promised to do exceedingly above all I can ask or think.  And I am asking and thinking about amazing things.  So I am filled with anticipation at what you are going to do.  I will watch with eyes of faith today, knowing that you are working all around me and through me.

And when I am tempted to think I’m in control, that I am alone, I will remember your promise.  I will remember you are my Father and you will never abandon me.  You have and will continue to bless me.

I will live today knowing that Christ is my life.  And I will remember this world is not my home.  I look toward the unveiling of the new creation.

This is your day.  I give you all the glory and I thank you in advance for all the good you will do today.

I love you!

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