Why Is There So Much Cruelty and Evil?

Why Is There So Much Cruelty and Evil?

Everyone has at one point questioned God, “If you exist why is there so much cruelty and evil?  Why don’t you stop it?”

Have you ever had that thought before?  Maybe your judgement on God is clouding your thinking.

Let me explain.

On the one hand, we see all that creation was meant to be… there’s a certain magnificence and beauty in this world as you look at the starts, a sunset, and the mountains that cannot be denied.  Just from looking at the design of this world we can start to catch a glimpse into what the Designer is really like.

The stars speak of His grandeur.

The mountains speak of His magnificence.

The thunder and lightening speak of His power.

The humming bird speaks of His creativity.

The flower speaks of His beauty.

Music speaks of His delight.

His Son speaks of His Love.

Let me be clear… by their works you will know them.  Look at the works of God and you will see who He is.

So what about the works of mankind?

“By their works you will know them”.


Seems like there is a disconnect.  Because if people were to look at our works they would be confused.  There would be a glimpse of something good but a path of destruction would be the ultimate signature of man.

So why do we blame God for our works?  He is not like us.

What you see in this world is a direct result of death.  If you don’t think people are dead then you need to wake up… you can’t blame God for evil and cruelty and ignore the fact that those works are from the hands of men.  And those men are dead, not physically dead but they are definitely dead.

People need Life.

So how did God solve the problem of sin and death?  If Jesus Christ is salvation to our world why is there so much evil still today?  Why didn’t God do something about it?

He did.

You just might not see it.

God, through His Son, created something NEW.  There is a new creation.  This new creation is perfect, free from sin and death.  The old (this world) is passing away.  This world that we perceive is not lasting… it’s fading away.  Something REAL and everlasting has been born.

God put to death the old in Christ and from Him raised something new.  Death has been defeated, sin is no longer, all that remains is His Life.

Yeah, if all you have is this world… if you don’t see what God has done through His Son then I would be questioning God too.

But, one day you will SEE and you will no longer judge God… you will understand that God is truly good and full of love.

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