Why wait to live by faith?

Why wait to live by faith?

We all find ourselves in hard situations.  Sometimes it’s related to health, death, finances, relationships, or something else.  In this world you will have trouble…. that’s just a fact of life.  But, what makes living in this world full of trouble so amazing in Christ?

What we see with our eyes isn’t what’s actually real.  You are dead to sin in Christ but you still “see” sin and feel sinful.  You are hidden with God in Christ but you still feel “worldly”.  You are perfect in Him but you still see so many imperfections.  You are righteous but often do unrighteous things.  You are His workmanship created in Christ to do what He’s planned but your life feels so uncertain.

Living by faith is often in total contradiction to what you see and perceive with all your natural senses.  Faith is like your 6th, supernatural sense but we are so accustomed to living by our natural senses.  It almost feels hard to live by faith even though when we do something amazing happens inside of us… everything just feels right when nothing actually seems right.  It’s like you could be in the eye of the storm and with faith all is calm.

So why do we wait to live by faith?  We want to figure our shit out.  We want to make sense of everything.  We want to work it out… the mess we find ourselves in.  But, God is actually telling us He’s already figured it out.  Nothing can interfere with His plan for our lives.  That is true.  There’s no point in waiting to live by faith… don’t wait until your bank account has an extra digit, don’t wait until the mess you find yourself in is corrected, don’t wait until something changes that you’ve been waiting for.  We can live by faith now!  We can latch hold of God’s promises and determine that what is actually real is not what we see.  We can live in complete contradiction to what appears to be going on.

And in so doing we will find that His peace overwhelms hearts and minds.  Nothing on the outside has changed but everything on the inside has.

The world thinks we are crazy, how can we prove what our faith knows is real?  We can’t prove it according to this world.  By our faith is the very proof of Christ in us, the hope of glory.  So as Faith calls you to “let go” and surrender don’t wait… do it now because if we don’t let Faith have its way in our lives we are only robbing ourselves of all that His Life is meant to be for us in the here and now.

Just believe.

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